Saturday, March 4, 2017

“I Want to Live Freely. I Want to Be Myself”

Zuhause (At Home) as seen in Vienna 

“I Want to Live Freely. I Want to Be Myself,” A Honduran Asylum-Seeker (as seen on Forced from Home* Exhibit organized by Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

That more than sixty five million (65.000.000) people are currently displaced as per the above mentioned *Doctors Without Borders (MSF) exhibition last year is deeply shocking.  

Experiental.  The exhibit was at the Battery Park City Promenade in New York City, not far from Liberty Tower and with the Statue of Liberty in sight.  Next to huge docked private yachts, exhibit visitors could sit in an inflatable raft similar to those used by many who
made/make their way across the sea to safety.  I told the lovely young woman who led the group how ironic this was.  She agreed but seemed a little surprised that I mentioned it since nobody else did.  The sun was burning down on us.  There was no shade like there is no shade on the ocean, when you are on a simple raft, but I was there for education and there was shade and water nearby.  I had a choice.  

Imagine you are a refugeee.  At the beginning of the exhibit we were given a card that identified us as refugee from a specific country.  We were asked to pick cards with objects we wanted to bring along on our journey; money, photos of loved ones, a blanket, extra clothes, a passport, a guitar, a pet, a bottle of water, etc.  As the exhibit and our journey as refugees continued, we were told to let go off objects, one after the other.  A famous musician (whom I respect) let go off his guitar immediately while my friend Rene continued to hold on to it to the very end.  He decided as musician one could always make a buck, it would be a life saver.  What would you take along?  It is hard to even imagine respective circumstances.  I held on to my pet knowing that it was very unrealistic to travel with a pet.  However, I had heard about at least one pet being reunited with a family who made it to Scandinavia (the magic of social media). 

What would you take?  Family members if I remember correctly, were not an option.  
What would you take?
How important is it to you to live freely and to be yourself?  Is it important?

Best wishes and namaste,
Birgit Nagele, ARCB, LVCY, TSY

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