Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Introducing rescue Mowgli - basic protocol

Mowgli is a Lab/Rottweiler mix (lab-rotti). I have learned that animals get stressed just like humans although I think they are better in re-balancing naturally. The first week with Mowgli was trying; then he got it; he pooped - outside. Perhaps I was not aware of MFM's chapter on Dien Cham for animals then or perhaps I wast too stressed to remember; would this time have been less hellish if I had started working on him immediately?
I think the answer is YES, because it is so bonding and relaxing. To now: he definitely likes it best when I am fully present and am not just working on him in a rush. The most basic protocol I usually do entails: Regulation/general equilibrium, Relaxation, as well as cervical vertebrae/Psychological Balance. Only then will I leave the house with him especially in the morning when he is in such a hurry to be off to the park and off the leash. He has very strong neck muscles and he is fully grown. The protocol slows him down almost always. The same protocol I also use to slow him down at the dog run, if needed. Things get chaotic there at times or he gets exhausted but does not stop playing; that is when he gets time out and a session to calm him down and to revitalize him. This was especially important when he was a puppy and did not know how to work with his energy household at all. Several times he was so exhausted that planted himself on the sidewalk on the way home and would not move. Thank god I was so enchanted with him that learned quickly. As a dog owner you have to be present. You often hear stories about fights. At times it is the owners getting nervous at the sight of a particular dog (size is often the issue as well as the reputation of the breed) and the dog other words, both parties need to be relaxed.. Mowgli and myself. We have been working on it.

Mowgli (a.k.a Tiki) at 6 months; ready to leave for his new home and to be our full-time pet; we used to have a dog named Luigi, who only stayed with us every winter (January/February). The remainder of the year, he spent with my partner R's parents in a more rural setting. We still miss Luigi.  Mowgli was the second dog I laid eyes on at the shelter; I still remember how heart breaking it was to see all these dogs without a home. The first dog went after my coat sleeve. Mowgli simply jumped up at the door of his cell and wagged his tail, then he did the same thing when R approached him. That was that; not much of a discussion was needed. He is almost two years old and it has been very rewarding to have him; he is a little shy at times which some people interpret as unfriendly; at times one can see the Rottweiler and at times he looks more like a Labrador; I have learned there are many people who dislike dogs, or at least certain breeds..I, in the meantime also have realized that I find all dogs interesting not just larger breeds which I used to prefer. The dog run never fails to amuse me.

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