Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Encountering the "frog on the face" - feeling smitten and energized

I had been curious about: Facial Reflexology - A Self Care Manual by Marie-France Muller, M.D., N.D., Ph.D. Immediately engrossed in it and somewhat in disbelief, I started rubbing on an area on my face that was connected to my neck and arms (as per the "frog on the face" image) following the instructions. There was an almost immediate shift in those areas; it was a somewhat magical moment. And it took less than a minute...I was smitten and energized.

(What had led up to this moment?: The air conditioner was blasting at Starbucks and I was without my essential garment, namely a shawl, ideally made from wool. It brought on a familiar pain in my neck, my right arm felt heavy. I must have hunched over the books and notebooks a bit as well, despite trying to pay attention to my posture (my inner yogi); I was in dire need of a break from my studies).

Here is the beginning and the link to the book:
Facial Reflexology A Self-Care Manual/Marie-France Muller
- translated from French to English by Ralph Doe; Illustrated by Rene Maurice Nault
Managing Your Own Health with Facial Reflexology
We are living in the strangest of times! In modern societies we try to teach our children to assume responsibilities for themselves and to manage their lives in the best possible way and we also try to stay masters of our lives and our choices. There is one area, however, where we do not retain control much of the time, and where officialdom intrudes increasingly... our health!

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Bonjour Marie France C'est Didier. Bravo.Je suis Premier ministre fan.Super tonne le blog.
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