Monday, March 15, 2010

My Self Care Protocol

  • A few days ago, I designed my Self Care Protocol using the facial grid that is provided in the book copying four of them onto a 8X11 sheet and using a different color for every protocol; I had fun and it looks very pretty; the protocols for Relaxation and Tone Up are copied on the back of the sheet; together they form the Basic Session suggested for daily use: I included additional protocols.
  • My protocol entails the following: Relaxation/Toning Up (general) - i.e. Basic Session; Anemia; Fatigue (Chronic or General); Eyesight Troubles (general); (Beginning of a Cold ; I detected a sniffle - no wonder, with days of never ending rain and winds so strong that the Staten Island Ferry service was suspended on Saturday night and power outages throughout New York City - it is always good to have it handy or better yet to memorize it so you can do something immediately when that very first sniffle hits you).
This is what Marie-France says abut the The Beginning of a Cold: It is only necessary for you to be a little tired for a chill to penetrate. A while later the head cold starts with its usual first symptoms of a runny nose, itchy throat, and sneezing. You must boost your energy right away.
She also says this under Cold/Common: A Japanese saying has it that a cold that is neglected can open the doors to all kinds of sicknesses. Even if a cold usually leaves without a trace, we must remain alert to the possibility of complications, especially in children and older people, whose natural defenses are weaker. It is advisable to remember this and the fact that over hundred viruses come into play! So keep stimulating these pressure points...

  • The idea is to do the session twice a day, morning and evening with the minimum being the Basic Session, Anemia, Eyesight Troubles...
As a yogi I am also interested in Chakra Balancing. I added the points which run vertically along the center line of the face to one of the grids in a different color.
The sheet (inside a plastic protection sheet) is now mounted on the bathroom mirror; parts of the protocol I will do more often if necessary: in addition, I also took photos with my black berry so I have my protocol with me on the run and thus will not have to miss a session if out late or early and I can not do it at home...

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