Friday, March 12, 2010

Re-reading for the Blog

Originally I had inquired with Marie-France whether she was blogging. She laughed and said that she could barely manage her in box. She generally travels a lot and does workshops teaching the method to the general public and others; when I met her last fall, she had been away from home (France) for more than a month. She was tired. And when I first contacted her in 2008, she was planning to tour Australia and was on the road even longer. The Reflexology Association of Australia invited her.
One day the idea of creating "something like a fan club" came up out of the blue after a yoga class. I ran it by her - she was delighted - I let the idea sit for a while: The solution came to me just like the fan club idea: I was to blog about her book, to read it a second time and put my findings into writing and offer a platform for others to share.
Reading the book for the first time and recognizing its potential, I wrote a short summary and incorporated the method immediately, e.g. the Energy Giving Massage, and the Frog on the Face have been helpful on many occasions.

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