Thursday, March 4, 2010

What is "the frog on the face"?

In Marie-France's book, there is a diagram of the entire body superimposed on the face; it's the image of a body in breast stroke motion when the legs are in diamond shape right before they are extended again. When my friend Dan saw it, he exclaimed "oh, a froggie". It made sense to me as Dan has a pet frog which he refers to as "froggie."
"Frog on the face" stuck with me. Once you see the image, it is very easy to remember and I love seeing people's reaction to it. That marked more or less the beginning of me educating about the method (based on Dien Cham, a Vietnamese form of Facial Reflexology, and further developed by Marie-France Muller during the course of her own practice). I showed it to Dan so he could work on areas in his body in case of tension. Knowing that image is the easiest way to locate a tense area anywhere in the body and work on it via the face. Twice a day is minimum for chronic issues but more often if needed is better. He had told me about a treatment he was coming from in detail. The practitioner incorporated holistic elements. You should also do some self-care, I said and pointed at the image.

Marie-France loves "frog on the face" as title for the blog - I was hesitant for just one split second but deep down I knew she had a great sense of humor based on our correspondence... so the blog has been officially been blessed by Marie-France Muller herself - voila - off to a good start.

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