Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Anemia - Week 17: ankle sprain/calf pain

Chinatown/Year of the Rabbit 
I was in a restorative yoga class and we did more sitting than I was used to - I sat cross-legged and kept switching positions but towards the end of the class my ankles were nevertheless a bit sore.  The next day - out in the park early with the dog - I walked on an icy/uneven surface I was not prepared for - I wore the wrong boots.  My foot had cramped a few minutes earlier.  All of a sudden I could barely walk, it was my ankle and my calf.  I held on to R. who was fortunately with me.  I sat down on the nearest bench and slowly rotated my ankle, flexed it, did inversions and eversions trying to gage the extent of what seemed to be a sprain.  Naturally, the walk came to a rather abrupt end as we decided to head back home.  Not really expecting much, I did some Dien Cham, thinking that whatever it was, certainly would take a while to heal.  Well, by the time I got home I was back to normal - honestly, it seemed like a miracle.  

I had to run for the train since, and my ankle did not cause any problems.  At the beginning of the week, there was some heaviness in my L arm which disappeared after reflexing the respective area using the frog projection as well as some stress related to work.  I continued to use the usual points to strengthen the immune system as well as the points to avert a cold; my nose was a bit stuffy at times.  I was out in the cold for a couple of hours on Saturday and enjoyed the New Year's festivities in Chinatown - it was perfect timing and I wound up in the middle of the lion and dragon dancers, having fun filming the dances and taking photos.  The year of the Rabbit began on February 3.  Happy New Year.  To read more about the Chinese zodiac:               

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