Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Anemia - Week 14

On Monday, I was back at my acupuncturist's office and I had an extremely relaxing session which I spent mostly in the zone.  Anytime, I am the recipient of energy work/bodywork I try to enhance the results with meditation by following along the breath.    
As for Dien Cham, I continued to use the same sequences as in week 13 as planned, many points are around the mouth area and many of them are still tender and I like working them.  Now I have to stray from Dien Cham a bit and write about my diet, chocolate and yoga a bit more in detail.     
Hot whole grain porridge in the morning with fruit and nuts (almost no dairy), and vegetable soups during have been staples and so are fruity and herbal teas. Oh, actually, I had some chocolate and it did not taste as usual; my taste buds almost objected and I thought that was interesting - does that mean I could live without chocolate?  Well, of course with all this amazing dark, dark artisanal chocolate available at the moment, this is the wrong time to quit chocolate completely, but I was both amused and amazed.
My home yoga routine of 20-45 minutes has been wonderful and entails staying in each pose for at least 5 breaths or longer in those that affect areas that are rather stiff, e.g. my hips.  
This takes me to lotus pose/Padmasana.  Being able to sit in lotus has never been of importance.  While I can easily put one foot up on my thigh and be comfortable, I noticed that the flexibility is coming from my ankles not my hips, so I opted out for the most part and never really focused on it.  I also sometimes just fall for no apparent reason which I think is caused by the looseness in my ankles.  
However, within the last few days, my inner teacher has been suggesting to focus on hip openers.  
I generally find the inner teacher intriguing and listened, but I will have to continue to be very mindful about doing Padmasana; Yoga Journal is a great online resource for all things yoga and I looked up the pose:
In the past, it has always been the fun of doing yoga, the frequency over many years and the benefits (inner peace, improved focus, more balance, less stress; QoL, stronger body, better health, more contentness) that may have propelled me forward with certain poses. I remember how surprised I was to end up in Headstand/Salamba Sirsasana one day, not ever thinking it might actually happen but always trying in class anyway.  That was many years ago and I regret not having kept a yoga diary.   
Inner teacher, I am listening! Show me the way. The breath will help me to stay present and tell me when to back off and Dien Cham perhaps in case of soreness or possible funky sensations.  

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