Friday, January 14, 2011

Headache at Dinner

Three days ago, R and I went to dinner to one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants. At one point we compared notes as to whether we still suffered from cold remnants - we both had come down with the flu nine days prior and were still recovering - he said that at the moment he had a headache.  May I, I asked, and put my knuckle on his forehead and started rubbing (the head reflex area according to the "frog on the face" projection of the body on the face); I did not use much pressure, since I know by experience how R reacts to even the slightest pain, namely, he distorts his face and wants to pull away.  Despite my wariness, I was able to finished the session with Point 0 Zone on both sides; it took less than half a minute I think.  R's headache subsided immediately.  I actually thought that the pressure may not have been sufficient, so I was pleasantly surprised about the result.    

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