Sunday, January 9, 2011

Anemia - Week 11

Dashing Through the Snow
Many wishes for 2011!  I apologize for only posting now.  I have been sick (a virus) and was out of commission for nearly a week, but more about that in the Week 12 post to follow shortly.  Week 11 was the week of the blizzard which did not trouble me much although it was a bit challenging to get around and eventually my feet ended up a bit cold and damp which in retrospect I should have paid more attention to.  Mowgli loved it - we even were outside during the night of the blizzard - Central Park was so beautiful and peaceful and I experienced my first ever thundersnow, which is thunder/lighting during snowfall and which is very rare.  
As for Dien Cham, I did my usual protocols although since I had no signs of a cold at all, I dropped the respective protocol.  My neck was not troubling me at all and I was in good spirits.  One day I only did my routine before getting out of bed (basic session and EGM).  All in all a quiet week despite the storm before a storm of a different kind hit! 

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