Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Anemia - Week 8

Tuesday was somewhat of a crisis day; I had a hectic morning (was meeting MG before work; we shared passion fruit tea) and there was no time to do the complete session until later in the afternoon.  I did the EGM and the basic session as usual before getting out of bed; I was hoping for the yoga class to bring relief to the L side of my neck/shoulder.  However, the neck tension continued more or less throughout the class, and then I got busy again; there was still no time to do the cervical spine protocol in detail working all the points;  I had squeezed in the zones based on the projection of the frog on the face on the run, but it did not seem to make the usual difference; finally I sat down in the mid afternoon and went to work; the usual cervical spine points made a tiny difference only; I admit I was getting a bit impatient - I wanted this to be gone for the time being - so I consulted the book and found two neck-related listings on page 243 under reference lists: the main correspondence points for parts of the body, functions and symptoms: neck and neck/occiput and decided to add the latter points ending as usual with the Point 0 Zone;  these additional points (located on the chin) seemed to make a big difference and undo whatever was going on - bingo!  Obviously that made me think about the exact location of my neck pain which usually starts around the lower cervical vertebrae (3, 4,5) and often makes its way down to the shoulder but it made sense to work the occiput since the pain that day was close to the area where the skull and neck meet and I should add that I had a headache as well which was alleviated once I added the additional points.


MG said...

Glad to hear you found relief, B. Your post was a good reminder that there are several points on the face corresponding to each part of the body and that you have to find the right one!

"Facial Reflexology A Self Care Manual" Explorer said...

M, in the past even just working the zones brought relief, but having a cervical spine problem is complex due to the fragile nature of that part of the spine - is so exposed last week I learned to pay more attention to the exact location of the pain and it has been working well - BN

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