Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stiff Neck - Week 7

Ok, now I'm a day late, but this week was very interesting in the same way that Anemia found her dreamy sore throat. My job has been less than satisfying and filled with frustration and stress. This isn't new and I'm sure it contributes to the stiff neck and HA's I experience which is why I was interested in this study to begin with. I don't like to take any medications so I'm always looking for more natural ways to help my body heal itself.
Anyway, one night this past week I went to bed exhausted and thought for sure I'd sleep like an hibernating bear. At 2 AM I woke up and could not go back to sleep. My neck hurt on the left side behind my ear and I was trying so hard to fall asleep because I knew 5 am would come quickly. My thoughts would not stop and most of them were not logical and I knew wouldn't fly in the daylight! When nothing was working I got up, pulled out MFM and turned to Anxiety. Its on p.71 and I won't repeat it all; just this one line that so aptly applied . " certain cases of illogical worry or anxiety, especially if worry becomes acute between one and three in the morning!" (I have had abnormal liver function tests in the past, but nothing serious)
So, my stiff neck/HA truly subsided, went back to bed and slept peacefully for 2 more hrs.
These protocols are working for me!! In fact, as I mentioned before I was doing the protocols for hot flashes in addition to my assigned ones and I have been experiencing fewer, but it seems to be important to do these points every day.

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MG said...

Ahh, I love reports of sound sleep! I admire your commitment in getting up to consult the book in the middle of the night. Sounds like it paid off. So glad Dien Cham is working so well for you!!

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