Monday, December 27, 2010

Anemia - Week 10

Week 10, the final week of the study ended on Dec. 23.   Iincluded a photo of my study tools: the book marked with flags, my red notebook, my favorite pencil, my favorite pen, a hand mirror, as well as my selenite stick resting on a pillow, and, of course my protocols which are peeking out from underneath the notebook. 

I had an opportunity to try the protocol for "shooting pain" (p. 156). My neck was hurting again and I had a headache. I did the basic session, then the above protocol followed by the usual ones. My notebook entry said: offered relief but it took a while. For the remainder of the week my neck felt fine but I decided to be proactive about the chin points due to the fact that it has been cold and I have added a thick scarf and heavy coat in addition to doubling up on turtle necks. Sometimes I get a bit stiff spending time outside with the dog watching him wrestle with friends and I was visited various outdoors x-mas markets.
What troubled me last week was my right arm from the elbow area through the upper forearm. I had been falling into bed twice rather late and woke up with a numb feeling in my right arm. I remember having been a bit cold at night and not wanting to move despite the discomfort.  The following points were used to alleviate the heaviness, the stagnation: Point 98, Point 19, Point 97, Point 51, Point 60, Point 0, Point 51. (p. 243/244). When I palpated, the area around the elbow was rather intense and I thought it might take a while to undo the stagnation.  However, although it did not subside completely, there was an immediate improvement and I decided to just let it be and return to the protocol later if needed; later that day I realized that the pain was gone which surprised me pleasantly. I should add that it was problems with my R wrist, elbow and forearm that got me started with acupuncture and led me to study reflexology.  

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MG said...

Thanks, B. I'm glad and not so glad you had the opportunity to try the shooting pain protocol. Your collection of gear makes a nice (and holiday colored) photo. Thanks for sharing the visual!

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