Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stress Relief - Week 8

Sorry I am a day late. I was home yesterday with my son.
I’m starting to feel more comfortable in my practice. I’ve been doing each of my 4 protocols from start to finish around mid-day each day and it’s starting to have an anchoring effect. Doing one longer session each day has made my practice more consistent and I am feeling consistently calmer perhaps as a result. People have commented that my mood seems to be more consistently upbeat. I notice I have more patience in situations that used to unravel me. I’m also feeling more confident in hitting the points in my protocols. I notice when my pen hasn’t quite hit the correct spot. Point 34 is becoming one of my favorites.
I accidentally altered my coffee intake a few days recently. Prior to the study this would have given me a headache but not so recently. One of my 4 protocols is for headaches.
I had a few more thoughts about the discussions we’ve had on the sequence of points. I think MFM says that there are only two reasons why you would not see results when using Dien Cham: incorrect stimulation of points (i.e., not hitting the point) or insufficient pressure (I don’t have the book in front of my so I am paraphrasing). This might indicate that sequence does not affect the efficacy of your practice.
However, Birgit and I were wondering how your practice might be affected if you combined several individual protocols into a single protocol on one facial grid as we have done for the study. Would this be less beneficial than doing the protocols individually since by combining them you would not be following their individual sequences?
Based on these two reasons MFM offers, I can see how combining them might make the practice less beneficial. Because by combining protocols you would work each point only once whereas doing each protocol individually you would work each point as many times as it appears in a protocol, e.g., point 124 appears in all 4 of my individual protocols so when I do each protocol separately, I work point 124 4 times. But when I do a combined protocol, I work point 124 only once. This could be interpreted as insufficient pressure unless you compensate some other way when doing a combined protocol, e.g., you might work point 124 longer than the other points because it is sensitive.
Not sure if that makes any sense. Maybe I have given this too much thought!

Goal for the week: do a standard session making a note of sensitive points.

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"Facial Reflexology A Self Care Manual" Explorer said...

Hi M, I am glad you are giving your practice much credit and do not just blame your well being on the spirit of the holiday season (lol) - also thank you for pointing out the discussion we had about the the combined session vs. doing protocols separately. I am suspecting though that the advanced application may result in a combined protocol, but will confirm and write about it once I (we) get there. I am curious to hear about your findings with respect to your goal of the week. - BN

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