Thursday, November 18, 2010

Havoc Caused by Cold

About two weeks ago, I ran into a woman I got to know because we both own dogs. We talked about the weather and she stressed how bundled up she was.  Then she told me about an ordeal she went through that lasted about two years and that started with a simple cold, namely, several kinds of antibiotics, stomach problems, acid reflex, loss of weight, anxiety, doctors bills, just to give you an idea).
Of course, I showed her the protocol for onset of a cold.

When I mentioned the chapter on dogs in Marie-France's book, she reminded me that I had showed her how to calm down her dog and that she thought it worked. I did not remember at first, which is exactly why I added points for cerebral health and memory to my self care protocol.
Her story about the cold that caused so much pain and trouble is what the Japanese saying that Marie-France Muller mentions is all about.

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