Monday, November 8, 2010

Anemia - Week 3

Week 3 ended on Friday, November 5.  Hopefully you all had fun trick or treating.  We spent some time in Central Park dressed up in a home made costume - we brought candy along for treating.  I was dressed warm, but when we sat down for a while I got cold.  As soon as I sniffled, I used the protocol you all have heard about before - at the beginning of a cold.  Later we had dinner close to the Halloween Parade route and admired the costumes parading by outside the restaurant.  I felt I had enough energy to do both.

Last week I used the memory reflex zones several times in between studying for a test;
the points are part of my general protocol; I was looking forward to my mini Dien Cham breaks.  I did them anytime I felt I was getting tired or was not present enough.  I felt like I memorized more easily which was very motivating is one of my note book entries at the end of a day of studying.  I included the tapping on the forehead as described on p. 113 (Fatigue, Chronic or General) which I am very drawn to.  I love the way it feels and the result.  It perks me up.  If I remember correctly MFM recommends 1 tap per second.  That seems hard for me for some reason, I am drawn to a  much faster rhythm.  

The neck issue described in my previous post, eased up on Tuesday.  I have been continuing my new T'ai Chi practice which lasts only about a minute but it's long enough to the keep me going and am ready to add on.  When I tried it once before, I  concluded I was more a yogi-kind of person.  But as I get more fascinated by the energy issue, I decided to give it another try since I am lucky enough to live with a T'ai Chi practitioner who has also incorporated some yoga into his practice.   

Also I took some time to reflect after blogging last week.  I realized moving toward Advanced Dien Cham (personalized sessions) happens organically as I noticed that M and Rudi seemed to have explored other points and have expressed interested in also working on other less pertinent issues inspired by the practice.    


MG said...

Glad to hear your neck pain has eased, B. I’ve been inspired by your own organic move toward Advanced Dien Cham (personalized sessions). It’s refreshing to see movement in each other’s practice for the sake of learning but also because the more I learn, the more it seems Dien Cham is intended to be a fluid practice. I have wondered about the relevance and efficacy of sticking to one protocol over the course of 10 weeks. Does Dien Cham only work in the moment?
I can see how regular use of the general protocols, e.g., relaxation or toning up could be beneficial to keep energy moving, but regarding specific ailments, don’t we need to take direction from our bodies on where to practice, i.e., address pain and discomfort? Is additional practice necessary? Or can Dien Cham be used as a sort of preventive measure with long term affects against specific ailments? Either way, it is good to see movement in our practice.

"Facial Reflexology A Self Care Manual" Explorer said...

M, I like the term you used "fluid practice. As for sticking to one protocol for 10 weeks; here is my approach: the answer is yes. I have given up on Anemia in the past and worked on the symptoms rather than the root (at least I think Anemia (official diagnosis) might be at the root of general fatigue and some other symptoms). I am aware that what I apply right now is the general protocol (formula for treatment) for these indication. MFM says respectively "formulas for treatments that have been established by experimentation concerning the types of cases" (p. 56 under point 4)" and she goes on to say later "These forumulas are generally effective but not always so, because causes are often multiple and it may be necessary in this case to adapt the treatment by using the following method", referring to the personalized method. In the meantime I am also still working on the symptoms to deal with pain or discomfort, and that is where my practice is totally fluid. So I am approaching this from two angles.- BN

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