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NYTimes Article 11/26-comment on massage vs. reflexology

The New York Times published my comment (#61) made with respect to the article In a Land of the Aging, Children Counter Alzheimer's, one of yesterday's features.  There is a video to go with it and there are an additional 66 readers' comments.
I suggested that what was referred to as foot massage seemed to be Reflexology.  I had read the  entire article which is extensive and very interesting, however, the word Reflexology was not mentioned at all.

What I did come across was this: During one massage session, 16-year old Oh Yu-mi rubbed a patient's toes, saying: "I am doing the heart".  The heel is the reproductive system, it will help them excrete better."  What I am aiming at now is the definition of Reflexology.   

This is the definition of Reflexology as per NYSRA (New York State Reflexology Association)
What is Reflexology?
Reflexology is the physical act of applying pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques.  It is based on a system of zones and reflex areas that mirror the image of the body on the hands and feet with the premise that such work promotes a physiological change within the body.

Please, note the underlined part reflex areas that mirror the image of the body on the hands and feet.  Oh Yu-mi may not be familiar with reflexology terminology but the poin to him is that the foot is more than the foot, he actually sees the entire body mirrored on the feet and that is what is different from massage (the technique is also different by the way); Oh Yu-mi sees a heart (reflex) on the foot and a reproductive system (reflex).   And that was the point I was,  making.  That is Reflexology - no doubt!

My published comment is also copied and pasted at the end of this post; other readers are sharing their views and their experience about family members with Alzheimer's.  My comment is the only to address the mistake mentioned here.  You can recommend my comment  # 61 posted by BNagele and click on recommend; the chances of it being read increases with the number of recommendations); it would certainly support the ongoing Reflexology education and awareness building efforts in New York State and elsewhere - here is the link again: In a Land of the Aging, Children Counter Alzheimer's

Back to the article: In a photo one finger rests on an elderly person's face; one eldery's person's foot is cupped, and a third one's hand is held  (in case you did not know, there is foot, hand reflexology as well as ear and face reflexology).  Now, please, bear you in mind, Reflexology is benefitial to any age group as the length of the session and the pressure will always be customized for the client.  There are a few exceptions but it is recommended to always check with your physician(s), too, in case of health problems and your certified Reflexologist.

South Korea has the one of the fastest aging population and has to deal with the increase in Alzheimer's/Dementia.  "War on Dementia" is an amazing campaign and I hope we will all follow their revolutionary example in educating about these disorders by educating the young and the general public, imagine, even sales people and postal workers about the reality of these disorders as well as supply them with coping mechanisms in tolerance and compassion.  This is very moving and an absolutely mind-blowing approach.  I have been aware of the many challenges the elderly population faces and possibly myself (and you) down the road.  

If you have been following this blog, you may have noticed that I work amongst others, on my cerebral functions/memory via MFM's Dien Cham.  Also, did you know, for example, that there is a lack of geriatric professionals in the US, simply because there is more money to be made in other areas. 

(By the way, the point worked on the elderly lady's face in the above described photo seems to be closest to Point # 41 based on MFM's reflex point chart on page 24).

"In a Land of the Aging, Children Counter Alzheimer's
Comment # 61
New York, NY
November 26th, 2010
3:12 pm

Thank your for this article. I am in awe of the South Korean campaign and hope that countries around the globe will follow the path of training children as "dementia supporters".

Judging by the photo, on the New York Times Cover Page, it seems to me that it is Reflexology that is performed. Please check the following websites for information about Reflexology: American Reflexology Certification Association New York State Reflexology Association (Reflexology Association of America) (International Council of Reflexologists)

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