Monday, November 15, 2010

Anemia - Week 4

I used all protocols often this week - either the respective zones at least or the individual points when there was time - doing one after the other each one starting and ending with Point Zero zone.  That approach took longer but there was a difference as to how I felt.  My face, brain, the entire head felt amazingly alive, seemed flushed with energy/oxygen/blood/nutrients because I felt so nourished afterward; I felt present and prepared to do whatever I needed to do and was full of vigor.

Also, as I was leafing through Chapter 4 (Using Dien Cham for Prevention and Treatment of Health Problems), Detoxification, Drainage caught my attention.  MFM says respectively "modern life obliges us to live in polluted enviroments, ingesting liquids and foods that contain all kinds of doubtful substances that can accumulate and become toxic over the years" and concludes the paragraph with by saying "you can stimulate these points and zones to give yourself a detoxification cure several days per month", so I decided to do this protocol (p. 101) every Thursday from now on. I used the protocol by itself some time in the afternoon. - BN


MG said...

Sounds like some good results, B. When you say you used all the protocols often this week, do you mean all the protocols in your plan of action or all the protocols in the book? How did the frequency change? I'd like to have your results!

"Facial Reflexology A Self Care Manual" Explorer said...

Hi M, yes, I meant all the protocols in my personal plan of action; I did all protocols individually ending them with the Point 0 zone (I usually work the entire zone but I thought perhaps it is helpful to distinguish between Point 0 and the Point 0 Zone - you may have noticed this already). I started by just making one session out of it, then added some points or zones, if I have time or there is some discomfort left. I do not think I have come across anything in the book that states to "not to do that", but I would be curious to know what you, ladies, think about this approach and whether you have tried it or perhaps I missed something in the book.
I should also note, that I did that only once a day, usually mid-day. I did not want to overdo it. At the end of the day, I may have done the basic session only. However, I will certainly keep it in mind for those days when I feel run down...does this clarify what I did, M? - BN

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