Monday, November 29, 2010

Anemia - Week 6

Fall/Spring Central Park, Nov. 26, 2010
On Black Friday, I started the day with a long walk with Mowgli in Central Park, happy to escape the city streets.  The park was beautiful and inspired me to take photos.  This must be the most colorful fall ever although one tree seemed to have thought it was spring already (see photo).  My week was less stressful so I did not take many notes, but enjoyed doing my protocols; I do not remember my neck/shoulder bothering me much.  I started going to bed earlier and thus getting up earlier; my morning ritual consisted of the usual energy giving massage (EGM) followed by the Basic session (relaxation/toning up) while listening to a classical music station.  In case I had additional time, I added some chakra balancing which I treasured as I am really getting quite interested in getting in touch with these "energy centers" through my face and by using the mantras.
My new favorite tool has become my selenite stick (wand is a better word), other than that it is still my bent index fingers.  
You may have noticed my previous post on the New York Times article Children Ease Alzheimer’s in Land of Aging.
The article prompted me to sit down and start an email correspondence with my reflexology colleagues and to send a comment to the New York Times when I actually had plans to just read and not do much after I returned from the park with Mowgli.  I was at my (barely functioning) computer for a couple of hours without getting too stressed: my neck and shoulders held up and Mowgli did not seem to move until I was done.   
The article was very inspiring on many levels and I patted myself on my shoulder for having included protocols for brain functions/memory in my self care session - can this help against Alzheimer's/Dementia when you start in your 40s?  I also decided to add it to my partner's protocol.  We both do not have very good memory.  Scrolling through the book in preparation for the study, I had decided that I should do something about it, since it will certainly not get better by itself and since there  were protocols addressing brain functions, memory.  And alas, it's just a few points.  I have been somewhat curious about brain health for  a while and have been interested "in forming new neural pathways".  One way is by using the left hand more often, T'ai Chi is a new activity and who knows perhaps it is learning a musical instrument in the future.  In other words, I am challenging my brain with new activities.  It will require persistence...  am I rambling, ah, maybe not much longer, perhaps this is soon to be Ms. Little Einstein... 


MG said...

When I firt saw the your photo of the tree, B, I thought they were children playing in it. I just noticed they are blossoms. Poor tree! Glad to hear your week was less stressful. I like the idea of creating new pathways in the brain. Can you practice Dien Cham with both your left and right?

"Facial Reflexology A Self Care Manual" Explorer said...

Hi M - vivid imagination.
Yes, I can practice Dien Cham with L and R; I find that fairly easy.. it's brushing the teeth with my L hand that's tricky but I challenge myself from time to time... try it and tell me what you think. - BN

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