Monday, November 8, 2010

Stress Relief – Week 3

Week 3 was stable. Physical symptoms from previous weeks have leveled off and no new symptoms have revealed themselves. My son and I rode the bike to school only one day during week 3. I tried a new route, focused on my breath, making sure to breathe -- I think I was holding my breath during the difficult parts of our previous rides -- and the ride was still challenging but manageable. I experienced some stress as my son continues to adjust to his new schedule at school. But I have noticed having a brighter outlook and a little more patience than before.
My read through of MF’s has added a small step to my protocol. On page 196 (chapter 5), she suggests starting every session with point 0 especially when tired or weak. Previously, I had been ending with point 0. Now I start and end on this spot.
Also, I read about point 124 in chapter 5. Point 124 is part of my stress relief protocol and the only point that has been consistently painful. Point 124 on the left side of the face (the side that has hurt) corresponds to the spleen. I found this interesting because I got a massage from a Reiki master in July and the spleen was the one deficient spot she mentioned. I plan to have some blood work done soon and will ask them to check my iron levels.
During the course of the week, more of the points on my forehead were somewhat painful when stimulated. This brought to mind the Principle of the Opposite Effect mentioned on page 15. I’m not sure I understand this principle very well. But I think MF is suggesting that we focus on painful spots, working them until they no longer hurt. And that we spend very little time on spots that do not hurt. So the pain should almost guide us. She says that overworking points that do not hurt could bring about a worsening of symptoms. This made me think of my “healing crisis” of week 2. I wrote that during week 1 many of the points on my forehead felt really good to stimulate, so good that, although my sessions were short, I may have overdone it. If anyone has a better understanding of this principle, please comment.
I enjoy reading about new points on the blog but without a visual at hand, the information doesn’t really sink in. Goal for the week: leave one of MF's charts near the computer for quick reference while reading.


"Facial Reflexology A Self Care Manual" Explorer said...

I think you understood the Principle of the Opposite Effect correctly and I have given it some thought as well; here is my approach: I continue to work the non-sensitive points of my protocols but I make sure that I do not overwork them as MFM concludes the respective paragraph by saying "As I generally advise short sessions, there is little likelihood that you will be faced with this type of problem" (I think she means the issue there might be no result due to over or under stimulation). But I am not completely sure. I also figured there is after all, Point 0 which is balancing in case of overwork. By the way, my Point 124 is also a bit more sensitive on the L side... Point 37 is another spleen point (p. 208); it is part of my protocol, mine is extremely sensitive. - BN

"Facial Reflexology A Self Care Manual" Explorer said...

M, you may find this interesting; this is the link to Debra Bernath's blog post about the spleen - BN

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