Friday, April 14, 2017

INDIA Part Four: On Long Flight, Wellness was Priority and Reflexology Delivers

Baby Hannah was doing mudras😍💜
After arriving in Delhi we had another two days of train travel ahead of us and we had no reservations, 
but we were aware of distances.  So I needed to keep it together. Luckily, I had extra leg room on Air India.  I was right behind first class and was sharing a row of three seats, the middle vacant, with a young Indian mom coming from Ecuador (a 10-hour flight to New York) taking her young daughter home to India. 
The four-month old baby was extremely calm considering the long journey.  I have never seen such a calm baby. 

The mom was so loving, so dedicated: she slept a few minutes, got up, comforted the baby, sat down with baby, nursed her, held her, slept again, put baby back, etc. this continued for the duration of the long flight.  Only once she did not wake up immediately when the baby cried (in the crib attached to wall between first class and coach) and there was only one time when she did not seem to stop crying.   
The young woman had seen me work on my hands (reflexology) and stretch and was curious.  We started chatting bit about yoga (she recommended a yoga teacher she liked on youtube).  
She lent me her charger so I did not have to look for mine.  I really enjoyed the flight and the  company.  I showed her some very basic reflexology points to calm the baby (solar plexus on feet/hands/psychological balance reflex on forehed/general regulation on face).  

How else did I spend the fourteen hours? 
  • Did not watch movies - seems impossible in retrospect (because I usually do)
  • Did not read (since I forgot my Lonely Planet guide book) 
  • Did a lot of simple stretches
  • Did lots of Dien Cham (facial reflexology)
  • Did hand reflexology 
  • Meditated/breath work pranayama (using my beads)..
  • Napped on and off
  • What else could I possibly have done?  Oh I noticed that the younger woman and older man on the other side of the aisle were also busy moving their feet, massaging (reflexing?) their hands... fellow passengers were going for walks.    
  • my ankles started getting puffy at one point but some movement/stretching/reflexology remedied that immediately (wow!!!)
  • my nose was getting clogged and Dien Cham took care of that (yes reflexology indeed works best at the onset of a challenge, but to notice the mini symptoms we need to be present and that is why we should practice yoga/meditatio/pranayama one or ideally all of them daily). 
This trip to India was all about reflexology and yoga, so off to a good start, almost there...

To follow: India Part Five: Arrival-Welcome by Mudras and Raya 

Best wishes and namaste.
Om Shanti,

Birgit Nagele, ARCB, LVCY, TSY
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